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Quotes Hi Karen, I received the registration papers for S'mores. He is doing very well. He is very playful and loves to be the center of attention. He is truly a joy to have. You may see me again very soon for a brother or sister for S'mores. Priscilla Happy Shih Tzu Mom Quotes
Update on my "baby"

Quotes Mrs. Karen- Just wanted to let you know the puppy is doing great!! Her vet check up was great and shes doing very good with letting us know when she wants to go out to use the bathroom! Thanks so much! She's the best!!! :) Quotes
King Charles Spaniel

Quotes We are so thankful for "Honey"! She is amazing! Not only is she beautiful, but she is my little Diva. She has become very outgoing, of course loving, and she plays with my "Romeo" (1/2 shih Tzu 1/2 chiwawa lol). You have wonderful puppies and I can't thank you enough! Quotes
Cynthia Stokes-Buttery
Happy Shih Tzu Mommy

Quotes Hi Karen I am so happy with my new puppy Smores. He is great with the family. He is enjoying being spoiled by us. He behaves very well,. Very satisfied ! Quotes
Priscilla Harris
Happy Mommy

Quotes Hey Karen,, The puppy is the cutest thing... My family loves him.. I am so glad that I found him on the site... He gets along great with the other pup we got the same day ... They play ,eat,nap and sleep together...He is trained fully as well,, which didnt take long...He went to the groomers 2 weeks ago and he looks like a totally different pup than when I brought him in...He actually looks like a puppy... Thanks again... He is wonderful... By the way, we named him Spice... the other pup we got that same day we named Sugar... Quotes
Debby Howland
Maltese/shitz male puppy

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that we have named our puppy Lil 'y' Lamb and call her Lilly. She has been learning potty training and doing so-so with it. She is so loving and sits at my feet or at my side constantly. So far, she has gone everywhere with us and behaves very well in the car. She loves to sleep on our bed and doesn't wake us up until about 8:30 a.m. to go outside. Hope you are well and have a great New Year! Quotes
BJ Hounsley
Bichon Frise Mommie

Quotes We love our new puppy! So far things are going great! Quotes
Lori Holt
Malti Poo Puppy's New Mommie

Quotes Our little puppy is too cute, the kids named him Buddy!! He already rules the house & has bonded so well with the kids but especially my two year old. He slept in the bed with us last night- I can already tell that he is a little spoiled:) In the group picture that you sent, is he the second puppy from the right or the left? I have someone else that is possibly intersted in getting one of the others. Quotes
Layne Lee
Teddy Bear Puppy's New Daddy

Quotes We took Maggie to the vet and she checked out fine. She weighed 1lb. 6 oz. and he gave her a her shots. We started her on heartworm medicine. She will get her rabies vaccine in three weeks. She is doing great and will probably go to the groomer's on Friday. Quotes
Beth Lockhart
Maltese Puppy's New Mommie

Quotes Hey Karen we just wanted to give you an update on Marley. He is getting soo big. He got his first haircut last week so that was exciting. He is full of energy but I love it. He is a little over 4 pounds and i wish he would stay little forever. We are still potty training but that isn't going so well. I am attaching a few pics so u can see how cute he is. And I can't tell you how thankful we are for your generousity towards us with getting him we reAlly appreciate it. StAy in touch. Daniel, Zoe , Dylan and Marley Quotes
Daniel Perkins
Malti Tzu Puppy's New Family


  • "I didn't actually directly purchase my puppy from Tip of the Ozarks. A friend of mine did and they found after a week that they weren't puppy people. I purchased Meg (the former..."
    Mary Marsh
    Happy Momma
  • "We have had Jax (Doug) about one month. We love him to death. He is so spunky and cuddly all at the same time. We could not get him use to crate. I think 5 mo might be to old to..."
    Satisfied Mom

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