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Plug Those Gaps

If you are busy doing something and don't need your puppy's help, it's very handy to be able to let him out into the garden while you finish your task. It pays, however, to take a good look ar your garden before you bring your new puppy home to make sure it will be completely safe for him.

Puppies are agile and capable of getting through the tiniest of gaps, so hunt around for any space that a canine Houdini might wiggle through, and secure it well. If he manages to get out, he will be at risk of disease and attack from other dogs, a traffic accident, or being stolen.

Scrapyard Scrapes

A garden or yard that resembles a scrapyard is no place for a dog, so remove any trash, implements, and broken glass that could injure him. Time spend clearing up could well save you a fortune in vet's bills.

  Beware if you use pellets and pesticides to get rid of garden pests. Those that are not pet-safe may get rid of your puppy, too, if he eats contaminated insects or helps himself to garden chemicals left accessible to him.

If you accidentally spill a chemical such as car antifreeze or oil, clean it up immediately in case your puppy fancies a taste or paddles through it and then ingests it later when he licks himself.

Do put up a "Puppy playing outside - please close the gate" sign to alert vistors.

Plants and Ponds

Many plants and shrubs can be poisonous to your puppy, so it's a good idea to research this and remove or fence off any dangers.

Ponds and swimming pools, however, seem to have a magnetic effect on an adventurous puppy, who is likely to drown if he falls in and cannot get out. If you cannot put a nonslip, gently sloping ramp in your water feature, either fence it off so your puppy can't get near it or don't allow him into the garden unattended. Buckets filled with rainwater can also prove fatal for a small pup, so store these and watertight tubs upside down when not in use.

Garden Safety

A garden to play in, with its many exciting scents, nooks, and crannies just waiting to be explored, is every dog's dream. Take steps to ensure it doesn't turn into a nightmare by carefully puppy-proofing your new pet's adventure playground.


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