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Tip of the Ozarks Puppies strive to provide families with healthy, happy puppies.

  Tip of the Ozarks Puppies Health Guarantee

 All puppies purchased from Tip of the Ozarks Puppies are not subject to the Arkansas Lemon Law for Puppies, although this document states that we will recognize the law. The law reads as follows:

 This law also applies to both cats and dogs, and stipulates registration of pet stores. Kennels are defined in a way that includes most hobby breeders therefore the law does not apply to them.

1        Applies to: retail pet stores (any room or group of rooms, run, cage, compartment, exhibition pen, or tether; excludes kennels).

2        Life Threatening Contagious or Infectious Disease: 10 days

3        Life Threatening Congenital or Hereditary Defects: 10 days

4        Failure to Produced Advertised Registration papers: no

5        Replacement: no

6        Refund: no

7        Reimbursement of Veterinary Expenses to Treat Dog: yes, up to purchase price of the dog

 In order for Tip of the Ozarks Puppies to honor the Arkansas Lemon Law for Puppies, we require that you take your new puppy to your personal veterinarian within 2 business days. 

Please remember that the reimbursement of veterinary expenses to treat the puppy doesn’t include normal preventative treatments. Reimbursement of veterinary expenses doesn't include any cosmetic procedures that aren't life threatening. These procedures include hernia, cherry eye, etc. These preventatives include but not limited to vaccinations and de-worming. This reimbursement also doesn’t include any treatments that could have been prevented by utilizing vaccinations and de-wormings. Your veterinarian must document any disease or defect, and the veterinarian must notify us in writing within 10 days. Another unbias veterinarian must also examine the dog at your expense and determine the same conclusion for Tip of the Ozarks Puppies to recognize and refund money for the defect or disease. All charges must be on a detailed invoice. 

Remember that Tip of the Ozarks Puppies takes every step and precausion to ensure that every puppy that leaves our kennel is free of any defects or diseases. We will strive to help you and our puppy in any way humanly possible. 

I recommend that you keep the puppy confined to your household and household pets until he is comfortable with you and their surroundings. This will also keep his immune system on a high level during his transition stage. Hypoglycemia, giardia, and coccidia are setbacks that can onset with new surroundings and a low immune system; please pay special attention to you puppy. These conditions are not covered with the health contract. All young puppies will need their rest time, just as a newborn baby. Please avoid over stimulating puppies. 


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 Pet 360 has a webpage about Coccidia in Dogs that will help understand this illness. 



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