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Tip of the Ozarks Puppies strive to provide families with healthy, happy puppies.

Precious Playthings

Your home may suit you well, but will it be a safe and comfortable haven for your puppy? If you tend to leave precious belongings lying around, you will now have to put them out of the way. Such items are fair game - and a possible health hazard - for an inquisitive puppy, who will play with and chew whatever he can get his teeth into. Until he is trained to leave things alone that aren't his, you can't expect him to do so.

Puddles and muddles

Emotions always run high when a puppy arrives, so you will have to tell yourself to remain calm - even in the face of adversity. Remember that your puppy will be feeling quite stressed for some time, so it's important to realize that things might not go as smoothly as you imagined. Try to stay relaxed if the unexpected happens, such as finding a puddle in your carpet. Keeping your sense of humor is vital! 

Happy Families

These are lots of positive things you can do to give your puppy's new life a happy start.

  • Keep your pet in a puppy-proof area of the house where he can do minimal damage - to himself as well - until he's settled down and is toilet trained.
  • Remember that he's small and squirmy, and can get into and under things from which he can't escape.
  • Move or secure electrical cables out of reach in case your puppy chews them.
  • Close toilet lids to prevent an adventurous puppy climbing in!
  • Always run cold water into the bath before hot in case your puppy gets in. Better still, keep bathroom doors closed ar all times.
  • Put notices on appliances such as the oven or washing machine urging everyone to check before closing the door. These can be inviting places for him to take a nap.
  • Don't leave food or drinks on tables at puppy height: he will sample them!


Home Comforts

To ensure that your home is a perfect puppy palace in which your new pal will be healthy and happy, you need to check it our thoroughly. This way, both he and your belongings will stay safe and sound.


  • "I didn't actually directly purchase my puppy from Tip of the Ozarks. A friend of mine did and they found after a week that they weren't puppy people. I purchased Meg (the former..."
    Mary Marsh
    Happy Momma
  • "We have had Jax (Doug) about one month. We love him to death. He is so spunky and cuddly all at the same time. We could not get him use to crate. I think 5 mo might be to old to..."
    Satisfied Mom

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