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Tip of the Ozarks Puppies strive to provide families with healthy, happy puppies.

Puppy Paraphernalia

For many people, one of the most enjoyable things about getting a puppy is going shopping. There is a massive selection of beds and bowls, toys and treats, leads, and lots of other great gear guaranteed to make a hole in your pocket!

Puppy Must-Haves

There are some essential items you will need to biy fo ryour new puppy before he arrives home. Alll these are available from pet stores, supermarkets, or via the internet - your budget will dictate how much you spend and also the quality of the items you buy, which can vary considerably. Alternatively, you could try having a puppy shower. Invite friends and family for a get-together, but on the condition that they must bring your puppy a present; you could even circulate a list! 


Identity disc  With your name and telephone number.

Food and water bowls Buy heavy bowls that your puppy can't tip over. They should be easy to clean and nonchewable: you don't want him getting a blockage or excreting plastic! Water bowls should be large enough to contain a day's supply.

Bed You can use an indoor crate, or buy a bed big enough to accomodate your puppy when he's mature.

Bedding Buy new from a pet store or use old blankets. Old towels are useful for drying off a wet dog.

Toys A chewy toy, a ball, and toys that dispense treats when played with will all get the thumbs-up from your pup!

Grooming Kit You'll need a comb, brush, and dog shampoo. Brushing your puppy's teeth with a toothbrush and dog toothpaste will help to keep his teeth free from plaque buildup and periodontal disease.

 Collar and lead Choose a humane collar, such as a broad collar in leather or synthetic material, of the appropriate weight and width for your puppy's size. These are often considered more suitable than a half-check collar, the efficacy of which is often debated.

Poop scoop Alternatively, use old plastic carriers or food bags. Dispose of dog feces in public wastebins or with you household trash.


Indoor kennel or crate Handy in the home and car.

Dog guard For car travel safety.

Dog coat To keep thin-coated breeds warm in chilly weather.


  • "I didn't actually directly purchase my puppy from Tip of the Ozarks. A friend of mine did and they found after a week that they weren't puppy people. I purchased Meg (the former..."
    Mary Marsh
    Happy Momma
  • "We have had Jax (Doug) about one month. We love him to death. He is so spunky and cuddly all at the same time. We could not get him use to crate. I think 5 mo might be to old to..."
    Satisfied Mom

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